Bobcat E42, E42 R2

bobcat e42

The Bobcat E42 Mini Excavator minimizes ground disturbance and excels in large-scale excavation tasks. Conventional tail swing provides greater digging depth and greater reach.

It is also convenient to move the construction machine through tight spaces such as gates, doors, and on trailers.

The Tier 4 compliant Bobcat E42 compact excavator can be equipped with a long stick to increase digging depth and reduce repositioning. Other options include an angle blade and an extendable arm with clamps.

2019 Bobcat E42

The Bobcat E42 R2-Series excavator offers 42.6 horsepower and has a maximum reach of 17.6 feet. The maximum digging depth is 10.4 feet. The E50 offers 49.7 horsepower, has a maximum reach of 19.3 feet and a maximum digging depth of 11.4 feet.

The R2 Series joysticks feature a hydraulic control valve that provides finite motion control capability for leveling and fast cycle times.

The Optimum Depth Check Accessory Kit minimizes the tendency to dig above or below normal. Depth check functions are built into the standard 5-inch LCD screen or optional touch screen. The kit is wired, so working conditions or wireless signal loss do not interfere with digging accuracy.

Double flanged rollers extend the undercarriage structure closer to the edge of the track. The added stability increases lift capacity over the edges and improves over-edge digging performance and turning ability.

Bobcat E42 R2 Series

Bobcat E42 Modifications

1. Bobcat E42

2. Bobcat E42 R2-Series

2015 Bobcat E42


We did a demonstration for over a week. In the end we were left with the E50 but the E42 was a very good unit, just a little small for what we do every day. You won’t be disappointed by any of the BOBCATs.

I’ve been looking at a used Bobcat E42 to use on the farm. Everything works fine: It starts, digs, drives, turns, has little to no play anywhere, and the tracks are in good condition. However, it does have a bit of a squeak when operating anything hydraulic.

We have just added an Bobcat E42 to our fleet. We have a 331 and still maintain it, but we needed a bigger machine to lift more weight and dig deeper. We ended up getting a long arm model and a hydraulic knuckle on the boom so we could use the huge 50-inch grader bucket. So far the machine has worked very well.

We updated our Bobcat 334 to a nice new E42 with all sorts of options. You have the option of a long arm with extra counterweight, enclosed cab, heater, air conditioning, secondary hydraulics, suspension cloth seat, hydraulic coupler, hydraulic thumb, keyless start, radio, 24 “bucket for heavy duty, and I think that’s all.

Nice sturdy bulldozer, looks like that ripping tooth is going to come in handy. Congratulations on the new Bobcat.

I looked at a lot of machines before buying the Bobcat E42. Is it just me or does someone else think that all the models in Bobcat’s new “M” series are the best machines in their class?

You did a good job with your selection and implements. Congratulations.

Welcome to the world of excavators.

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