2019 Bobcat E42 Wiring Diagram?

Bobcat E42 3 Problems

I finally started installing HD cameras for my Bobcat E42 this morning that I have had in the box for months.I’m making good progress and it should be finished by tomorrow however I have no idea where to get 12V with the ignition on.Going straight to the battery is not a problem, it is what I am using for testing.If anyone has any wiring diagrams for a late-model E42, I want to avoid having to disassemble the side console with the radio.

My 12V source in the key was the radio, thankfully it came out easily, only three tabs on the bezel kept it in the hole.I used those tap connectors to pull 12V to power the monitor.

It’s great to have the cameras, especially the one on the back.I was always worried about getting run over by our golden lab, he never worries about anything except when it’s time to eat.

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