Bobcat E42 Excavator Electrical Problem

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I just bought a 2016 Bobcat E42 excavator. The person who sold it to me did not mention there was an electrical problem, but I did not realize that it was starting slowly when I bought it. After bringing it home it would boot a few times slowly and then get an error code on the computer for low battery voltage. It has a new alternator and I put a new battery in it with 590 cranking amps so those chances are eliminated.

The Bobcat dealer tried to fix it and they put a new positive battery cable back to the starter. I went to get it from the dealership and noticed that it was still starting a little slow. I took it home and the next day the same thing, slow start, won’t start, low battery voltage error code. Any ideas?

Do you have access to an ammeter? It will measure the amp draw of the starter motor. Anything over 250 amps and the starter would need to be replaced. I keep an E26 from one of my clients. They had a similar problem last winter. The starter motor was drawing 410 amps.

Before going to buy the ammeter, you should do a parasitic consumption test. Grab your voltmeter and plug the red wire into the amp terminal. Disconnect the negative battery cable and make sure it cannot touch the post. Hook the red wire from the VM to the wire and the negative wire to the negative post. Let it set for half an hour. It should read below 50 milliamps. This will remove other components.

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