Bobcat E42 Problems – Brand New Excavator With A Slow Reaction

Bobcat E42 2021 Problems

I was just looking around to see if anyone knows of some kind of hydrolic pressure our flow rate setting on these compact excavators Bobcat E42? It seems that the reaction time is very slow compared to my old 335. Thanks in advance for the help!

  • Cycle times are supposed to be as fast as or faster than a 335. There are settings for the pump but they are quite intricate because setting 1 thing like max flow changes all the other settings on the pump and can really steal horsepower. of strength. Also each spool valve is sized to allow only the maximum amount of flow reguired for the cycle time of that function. You could have a pump set too low or the pilot pressure may be low and not stroke the valve spools fully open.
  • It would be better if the dealer checked. He has the cycle time specifications in his service manual and can readjust it if necessary. If it is a new machine, it would be a warranty repair if times were out of place.
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