Bobcat E42 Run with Overfilled Hydraulic Fluid

Bobcat E42 5 Problems

I’ve been looking at a second hand Bobcat E42 trachoe. I am doubting whether to buy it or not. Everything is fine, it has a few hours, all actuators are clean and it starts easily. However, it does squeak at times (no load). Well, today I looked at it again and I have checked all the maintenance points, more specifically the hydraulic sight glass.

The cold fluid level was above the hot one in red (excavator boom and blade were in the proper position). It may have worked for a while like this. The fluid level is almost above the red zone.

What kinds of damage can operating an excavator with too much hydraulic fluid cause?

Too much oil cannot cause noise. It can cause leakage through the tank outlet. If there is a lot of noise from the pumps, ask permission to heat up the machine and test it. There should be no noise in general. The movements must be fast and powerful. Any noise in the hydraulic system can be costly to repair / poor pump or valve /.

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