Bobcat E42 – Slow Hydraulics

Bobcat E42 1 Problems

As said, the hydraulics on my Bobcat E42 are very slow. You only have 106 hours on the clock. One day it’s perfect and the next it’s slow to start. The curling of the spoon is very slow. Runway speed acceleration takes 15-20 feet … it used to be almost instantaneous. Once up and running it appears to be fine and works fine at high speed as well.

Currently at the dealership, but they are puzzled. They have contacted the factory for help, but I am looking for some outside knowledge. According to them, they have checked and readjusted the pressure in all the pumps. I’m not a mechanic, but I’d say it’s a flow issue, not a pressure issue. All functions work and appear to have normal power, only slow. My extendable arm, which works on the auxiliary circuit, seems to be running at normal speed.

The oil level is in the lower green area of ​​the sight glass. Hydraulic oil looks clear and clean in the sight glass. The hydraulic filter was changed at 50 hours.

My salesperson, who is a great connoisseur of construction machinery, spent quite a bit of time in the cab and agrees that there is a problem. My dealership service manager is a nice guy and wants to help, but he has experience in the automotive industry and he doesn’t seem to know much about construction machinery. He must have hired for his management and people skills … hmmm

Ideas? Thanks.

  • Verify you can maintain pilot pressure
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